Innovation comes from seeing how things have been done before, then doing better
Welcome to BluCMS

BluCMS is so simple to use, I guarantee if you can point a mouse and type, you CAN manage your own website.

This website is the core build of BluCMS, invented and maintained by Barry Mitchell (of Barry's Web Design). The same system is used by local website owners every day to advertise and market their services and manage their jobs, invoices and job quotes.

The simple innovative functionality will encourage you to use the system often. You will actually enjoy managing your site.

Since 2002, BluCMS has been developed in to a extensible, simple to manage website and job management system.

Simple to use for both designer and end user, BluCMS is used by businesses across the UK to maintain their websites while offering tools to manage staff, jobs, invoices, job quotes and so much more.

With a very small learning curve, the core BluCMS is ready to work for your organisation and can be deployed in less than an hour.

From simple 1 page mini websites to full on business management systems, BluCMS is adaptable to suit your exact needs.

Loved by local businesses for its ease of use

With 1 click you can add a page to your website, add the content in less than 5 minutes and make it live. Your pages can contain any type of content including:

  • text
  • photos
  • videos
  • MP3s
  • podcasts
  • blogs
  • custom forms

Plus the built in job and invoicing system will help with the running of your business day to day.

Need more functionality?

No problem. BluCMS can be adapted to suit your needs. BluCMS has been adapted in the past for:

  • Full accounting and sales tracker for a multi million pound wholesaler
  • Multiple car dealer systems, each with different end user needs
  • Extensive product brochure systems with thousands of products
  • Diary and booking system for party planners
  • Wedding Table planner used by over 100,000 people
  • Multimedia platform for video and music delivery
  • Multi event booking and planning system
  • Extensive portfolio systems used by artists and photographers
  • and of course, easy to manage website brochures for local businesses

Every one, based around BluCMS core system.

Anyone can build a website with BluCMS

BluCMS offers the end user just the right amount of tools to build and maintain their website. Simple to use drag and drop sections allow instant deployment of content.

Draft, Preview, Live

Building pages and saving as drafts allows you to preview your work prior to making the content live. Establish your entire site, or single pages behind the scenes and as soon as you are ready, click live.