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BluCMS Features
Add what you need, where you need it

Features of a BluCMS

BluCMS is adaptive; built to suit your exact needs and simple enough to ensure your are never afraid to edit your website and use the tools supplied.

There is no manual with BluCMS. You wont break it so just go ahead and use it!

Adding Content is drag and drop

Adding sections to your website is simply a case of clicking a box, typing in the box and pressing save; it IS that simple.

If you want to add a section with an image, it's just as simple. You click a box, you drag in a photo and press save. Images are optimised and resized to suit the section you added it to.

Any section of the site pages can contain any features you want.


    Podcasts and Music

    If you are in to making pod casts, or maybe your in a band or are a musician; add your own MP3 files as playlists and add them to any section of any page.

    All files are hosted on the secure BluCMS servers and are delivered ultra fast to the listener.

    Adding Playlists to BluCMS

    Its as simple as naming a playlist, adding tracks, adding the list to the section; done.